How to Install Laminate Flooring

carriage-house-carpet-one-floor-home-muscatine-ia-how-to-install-laminate-flooringLaminate is made of a decorative layer, a core layer and a base layer. Each layer contributes to the performance of a laminate floor. Laminate floors are also sealed with a wear layer made of melamine resin and aluminum oxide which makes them resistant to stains and scuffing. This seal also makes them extremely durable.

The decorative layer is actually a high definition photo, so the sky’s the limit with the look you want to achieve with a laminate floor. Most are designed to replicate stone, tile or hardwood’s classic and timeless looks but for a fraction of the price.The core layer is your floor’s support system and stands up to all the foot traffic.The base layer adds stability and creates a bottom barrier that helps protect the planks from moisture and other allergens.

Afraid it will look too much like a picture? New technological advancements have made it possible for laminate to be textured in a similar way to the hard surface flooring it is mimicking. Let us show you a materials comparison in our showroom!

The best laminate flooring even performs similarly to hardwood planks and must be cared for in the same way to avoid warping due to changes in moisture.

You can even choose how to install laminate flooring as there are two different methods. There is the more traditional glue-down method, but also a newer click method doable for the DIY-er in you!

Eco-friendly- laminate’s core layer is made from discarded wood fibers that are ground up and formed into a board. This recycled wood would otherwise be trash!

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