Protecting Your Carpet

carriage-house-carpet-one-floor-home-muscatine=ia-protecting-your-carpetWith all of the amazing innovations in carpet these days—from waterproof to stain resistant and amazingly soft—it’s hard to imagine needing something to pad down those luxurious carpet fibers even more. But more important than the feel a great carpet cushion provides is the protection it provides above and below. Just like a canvas-backing can provide an area-rug with durability and protect the floor it covers, carpet cushion increases the lifetime of your carpet. Read on to find out more about how to install carpet in the best way.

Real World Comparison
Think about your phone. Technological innovations have made phones sleek and high-performing. Is there anything our phones today can’t do? When you are buying a new phone, do you even think twice about protecting it with a case? Carpet cushion is very similar in the way that without a phone case you need to be extra cautious and careful but adding one can make your day a little more worry-free.

Next Steps
Ok, so you’re ready to protect your carpet with cushion. But how do you choose the right one for your carpet? First come the materials. Carpet cushion can be made out of fiber, rubber and foam.

In high traffic areas, it is especially important to use thinner, denser cushion to absorb all of those footsteps.

To learn more about types of carpet cushion including material, make and thickness of carpet cushion, come see us at Carriage House Carpet One Floor & Home in Muscatine today to pick not only your perfect new carpet, but also the perfect partner to protect it!

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